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Online support
  • Hotline : 0236 517 660

Processing services clothing button types

Garment Jiabao we ensure high quality service, with the guideline gives the customer satisfaction and the most effective.


Outsourcing jeans button


Price is one of the incentives that the company we are always interested in, besides quality factors are always at the forefront, with a team of professionals with high technical design full of creative ideas and a team of divers experienced skilled. We believe that we will bring to customers the best products and the most professional service. We are committed to become a true partner in the trust of the customer.


Machining metal buttons


Pre-sales services:


Clients wishing to use any products yet Garment Jiabao, customers dial a phone call to the sales department, you will answer all questions and complete counseling information related products. Based on the customer's idea, Garment Jiabao will help advise customers to choose the technology and equipment suitable for the purpose of ensuring technical use and highly effective.


Sales service:


Customers will get full instructions and fully answer all procedures related to ordering and buying, then signed a contract purchase, Garment Jiabao will take to comply with the commitments made in the contracts with professional staff, enthusiastic and responsible.


After-sales service:


Garment Jiabao has always focused on after-sales service: warranty, maintenance, maintenance and repair in time the incident occurred. It is an integral part of customer care processes of Garment Jiabao.


Machining brass buttons style


Just take any product we design and manufacture the machine to make your products to ensure technical, aesthetic cao.Ban have ideas, we have the machines and technology to European standards, prices Vietnam both, your ideas become a reality quickly.


We wish to serve you and you make sure that your orders will be done carefully and accurately. That's how we maintain a good reputation during the past years.