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Online support
  • Hotline : 0236 517 660

Only garment distribution

We Specialize distributor for sewing Jiabao Garment export processed goods


- Yarn Garment Jiabao we operate for many years in the fields of manufacturing - purchasing sewing.
- Color varied - many sizes - many species only ......
- Best price for the amount of time delivery nhieu- - Correct number and the approved samples.
- Support for the best: companies - enterprises - the basis of exports and garment processing.
- Attentive service - En need - to resolve all requests for clients
- Get the only form, color browser, transporting site (Applies to the purchase contract and the amount of over 300 rolls)


Only quality durable, supple, non-fading, true of meters. with stable quality, our sewing distribution contribute to reducing your production costs, while garment and ensures absolute leverage the improving export your machine by reducing: Orphan just - broken needle - stop machine - adjust the machine - only pierced again .........



You units in the province of samples please go to browse before purchasing via courier service. all expenses we will pay.



Come with us. you have all types and colors that company only - enterprise - the basis garment you're looking and satisfaction of services