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Product Name: Only toughened
Fibers: fibers toughened
Material: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester


Wash fastness: 4S, 4C IOS105-C10C
Friction fastness: 4S, 4C IOS105-X12
S: The degree of color day II C: Level of discoloration
Dimensions SP 3000m -> 5000m (Or, depending on the order)
The physical properties of less than 1% shrinkage at a temperature of 150oC
Melting at 250 - 260oC, Soft at 220 - 240oC
Chemical properties: - inorganic acids: Resistance to all inorganic acids
- Attached: Not affected by the weak solution together, but less durable with a strong solution, especially at high temperatures
- Organic solvents: unaffected, but soluble in some of the original box phenols
- Bleaching: not affected
- Insects / Microbiology (Avicennia milestones, position: unaffected
- Laundry / dry cleaning: Unaffected
- The desiccant: 0.4%
Colors: Available thousands of colors for you to choose
Unit: Roll
Only toughened the product: Please contact Mr Dao :  0909 027 792 

Our company specializes in providing wholesale and retail all kinds of force only for the garment industry with the best quality and cheapest cost Vietnam. Commit 100% refund if the unit sold cheaper
Garment Jiabao provide all stitches, toughened Only quality, reputation in the market for many years operating in Con (Da Nang) to thousands of customers across the country have confidence, trust and cooperate with us.
Yarn is produced with modern technological lines most current & the ability to offer to the market on a roll only 300,000 per month toughened linked to more than 100 enterprises producing raw materials and foreign apparel specializes in the textile sector. Combined with materials, auxiliary, catalyst makes fiber only the best quality of durability, elasticity, thread tension, reliable color matching of fabrics, chemicals , light, sweats ... .No fade over time. And importantly, the output quality inspection company closely follow each stage of production for each product to the consumer.