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Only Computer Embroidery Yarns

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Product Name: Computerized Embroidery Stitches
Yarns: embroidery
Material: embroidery


Wash fastness: 4S, 4C IOS105-C10C
Friction fastness: 4S, 4C IOS105-X12
S: The degree of color day II C: Level of discoloration
Dimensions SP 3000m -> 5000m (Or, depending on the order)
The physical properties of less than 1% shrinkage at a temperature of 150oC
Melting at 250 - 260oC, Soft at 220 - 240oC
Chemical properties: - inorganic acids: Resistance to all inorganic acids
- Attached: Not affected by the weak solution together, but less durable with a strong solution, especially at high temperatures
- Organic solvents: unaffected, but soluble in some of the original box phenols
- Bleaching: not affected
- Insects / Microbiology (Avicennia milestones, position: unaffected
- Laundry / dry cleaning: Unaffected
- The desiccant: 0.4%
Colors: Available thousands of colors
Unit: Roll
Priced Computerized Embroidery Stitches: Please contact Mr Dao :  0909 027 792