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Industrial sewing 07

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Industrial sewing: the type of integral, often open and close with one slider. Block bottom is made up of one single block and can not be separated from the slider. The zippers are often used on trousers, jeans, handbags, shoes ...

  • Use for: jacket, pocket, jeans, khaki pants, handbags ....
  • You can choose to block or blocks of 2 on 1, besides that you can optionally block under closed or open.
  • Common Size: Size 3, 4, 5, 8.
  • We offer customers the option of color, size and more with the best service.
  • Minimum 1500 pcs / color / type. If less than the minimum, dyeing fee will be charged.
  • Choice of colors: any color from the color card or color code you provide to us dying.
  • Selection size: We can make the zipper with all lengths that customers demand.


Industrial sewing: the type of separation is at the bottom, last block is combined from two parts of the zipper. The zipper is closed by the slider, and is often used on jackets and coats