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Supporting industries: Strong sewing, weaving weak - Powerful motorcycles, automobiles weak
Date posted: 04/03/2017

Vietnam's garment sewing only strong, but the remaining stages as spinning, weaving, dyeing not meet the demand. Meanwhile, the automotive industry is weak...

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In 2017, Vietnam's garment enterprises continue to experience difficulties
Date posted: 04/03/2017

According to the Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) 10 months, export turnover of Vietnam's garment sector reached 23.3 billion dollars, an increase of...

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Vietnam will be beneficial regardless of whether TPP
Date posted: 04/03/2017

US President-elect Donald Trump has recently announced its withdrawal from the Agreement of Economic Trans-Pacific Strategic (TPP). However, even if the US has...

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Americans leave TPP, with textile care?
Date posted: 04/03/2017

Textile industry is said to be the biggest beneficiary Economic Agreement Trans-Pacific partnership (TPP) was signed. Prior information US will withdraw from...

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Three possibilities for textile Vietnam under President Donald Trump
Date posted: 04/03/2017

Commercial transactions between the US and Asian countries, including Vietnam will have the undesirable changes.

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