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Online support
  • Hotline : 0236 517 660

First Word Jiabao Garment Accessories specializes in producing customers wish you health, happiness and success. Jiabao was established with the aim to meet the demands of the material for the garment industry today. We have become one of the suppliers of garment accessories well in Vietnam.
With the system of modern equipment and extensive experience in manufacturing and trading company we supply orders and processed at the request of your company with diversified products and quality:

  • Types button
  • Kim
  • Just
  • Oil zips
  • Zippers
  • Elastic
  • piping
  • Mex fabric
  • Mattress
  • Glues kinds, ...

With time and form of payment flexibility, quick response. Especially perfect price and competitive in the market. Just have a template or as required based on templates we can model price in the shortest time.
Garment Jiabao ready to cooperate with all partners and constantly developing innovations to promote the development of Vietnam's garment sector as well as worldwide.